Annmari, You are TRULY Heaven sent!!

And Thank you GOD for choosing Annmari to be one of your vessels to SPEAK your WORDS!!!

I called you today to interpret one of my DREAMS and you NAILED IT!! The words you spoke were so very true. You also echoed some past conversations I had had with other people confirming the path GOD has set out for me. The things that you spoke of I had NEVER MENTIONED to you so I know it was only DEVINE intervention that would cause you to be knowledgeable of these issues.

You have a GIFT that ONLY GOD could have bestowed upon you, please keep using your GIFT so you may touch others as deeply as you have touched me!

I pray that GOD keeps you in HIS tender care and continues blessing you as our conversation has BLESSED me!!

You are TRULY a warrior for God and may WE ALL be better for having YOU on HIS team!!

I love you with open Heart, Tracy <3

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